Houston Press Review of my Exhibition Terroir: The Taste of a Place

“Berimbau” and “Capoeira” by Chell Vassallo, at Galeria Regina | Picture by Daria Ratliff

Become instantly transported into the lives of Brazilian coffee plantation workers at portrait artist Chell Vassallo’s Terroir: The Taste of a Place exhibit at Galeria Regina.

Hailing from Brazil, where her grandfather worked the coffee fields, Vassallo has sketched in charcoal the faces of people she has met or photographs she has admired, portraying them in this earlier time and place. During the first half of the 19th century, 1.5 million slaves were imported to Brazil to work on plantations, allowing the country to become the dominant producer of coffee in the world by 1840.

All of her pieces exude energy and movement, telling the story of both the joys and sorrows of life on the plantation, often through the eyes of a child. In My Kids, four boys peek around the door, each of his faces showing… Continue Reading